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There are so many layers of life.

One by one they start to peel away. That sounds somewhat dramatic or even harsh but it really doesn't have to be considered that way. Everyday we change a little as we learn and grow. If we stayed the same we would become stagnant and our lives would be somewhat dull.

Most of us don’t like change but I’ve grown to embrace change, at least more than I once did. I’m surrounded by two families, mine and my husband’s, who have hesitant tendencies towards change. For the most part they lived in the same house for the majority of their adult life and there was little change in career paths. Granted, there is nothing wrong with this at all and it actually is quite wonderful. It provided a lot of stability and familiarity to life. There can be something to gain from new experiences and opportunities but it may require peeling away at some layers.

Layers of fear

Layers of insecurity

Layers of doubt

Layers of distrust

Layers of disappointment

Layers of forgiveness or un-forgiveness

In order to allow yourself to peel away at these layers, you first need to know that they even exist and most of us fail to recognize the hampering layers of our lives. It’s those detrimental layers, if left unchecked, that have the potential to lead to missed or lost opportunities. But again, who’s to say mis-opportunities isn’t the way your life is supposed to be? I’m no judge, but I think of the layers of my life and wonder where I’d be if I didn’t peel some away, in particular the layer of insecurity.

I clearly was rather insecure about writing this blog. I had no idea how to set up a blog but my graphic designer daughter was instrumental in this area (see her work below). Over the years, I would write thoughts down in multiple journals of things I would write about if I ever had the opportunity to write. I can remember trying to come up with an introduction to my blog, why am I doing this? What is my purpose or intent? I was anxious about each word and insecure what a reader might think. Would I come across as a novice, which I am, or irrelevant, which I hope I’m not. If I didn’t peel off one or likely more than one layer, I wouldn’t be doing something that I really enjoy and find gratifying.

Aging is another layer of life that we can’t escape from. It creeps up little by little and before you know it, your youngest child graduates from college. Another layer of life. Another milestone of achievement. (And if I’m honest, this is one that I’m super excited about. No more added college debt!) But with aging comes potential for health concerns, retirement decisions and so much more like aging parents. Click on the link below to read an older blog post I wrote a while back on this topic.


My college graduate in the middle.

Our lives can be very fluid and at times even complex. There are many wonderful layers of life that should be celebrated. Not everything needs fixing.

Layers of health

Layers of family

Layers of friendship both old and new

Layers of exploring new places

Layers of love

It’s easy to focus on the negative but it’s equally or more important to recognize the positive. The good things in life likely outweigh the “bad” and therefore should take ownership of our lives. The actual thought process of counting your blessings and naming them one by one is a mental or could be a verbal exercise that helps us recognize the good things in your life. it also may diminish the place-hold the unfruitful layers have on our psyche.

Spring is a great time for renewal and rebirth. The flowers are at their peak and they are peeking at you. Take a look at them. Study their complex layers and enjoy the many colors and scents they have to offer.

Take it all in. Breathe a little deeper. Allow your mind to take a mental inventory of the good, and maybe not so good, and encourage yourself to change where change is needed. We all need a deliberate escape once in a while. So allow your mind to wander and adjust where adjustments are needed and feel grateful where gratitude should be expressed.



nature and architecture

nature and architecture