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greatest fan of your life

greatest fan of your life


I am very fond of odd numbers, and the number three in particular. My greatest grouping of three is my kids-of which I am quite a fan. Tomorrow, my youngest daughter Elisabeth turns 23. What a wonderful age to be, right? Many of her age have completed college and are starting to explore the job market. They’re beginning to feel like a grown-up with some big decisions to make- such as where to live, how will I pay off my loan, or should I get a credit card. But, it’s fun to take a moment and reflect back on the simpler days, when she was younger and collecting shells at the beach.

However, with every milestone comes challenges and joy. If only everyday was a day at the beach! We all know that is not the case. I wish I could alleviate some of the anxiety that seems to come with daily life, but all I can do is let them know that I am the greatest fan of their life. 

I too, find myself caught up with that feeling of anxiety. It’s that unannounced and unattended rush that can flood my day. It can be as minor as the rain that falls out of nowhere, or as debilitating as a phone call that someone you love was in a car accident. Whether subtle or severe, we all feel stress. I think one of the best ways to combat these feelings and emotions is to try to be realistic about the actual occurrence and the implication it has on your life. We need to take a hard look and deliberately decide not to allow certain happenings to have such a firm foothold on our emotional health.

So, to my three darlings, try to find beauty in each day. Life is a treasure and a delight. See the goodness that surrounds you. Open your eyes to those less fortunate. Be grateful for all you have been given and know I look forward to all you will become.


I’m certain I won’t be the only greatest fan of your life…

someone will take my place

(a beautiful love-song)

Old Tennessee

Old Tennessee