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Shadows create a rather elusive display of light. You can’t have a shadow without some degree of light, therefore the shadow is dependent on the presence of light.

I’ve been taking more pictures lately, some for my blog and others because I have been so awe-struck by the wonder of my surroundings. It’s not because I never noticed beautiful things before, but because I have more time to appreciate them and therefore act upon capturing their beauty.

In trying to take a picture, let’s say of a flower, I have had to learn to position myself so I don’t create a shadow. Normally I would just take the photo and then later realize how awful it was but now I’ve become more attuned to where the position of the sun is and how it casts a shadow on an object.

A metaphor for life…

Becoming more attuned…

Our stance or position will determine whether or not we cause a shadow. Shadows occur when the light-source is blocked. In the physical world, not all shadows are bad. They produce dimension and shade. However, in the human world, perhaps we should try to avoid blocking the light- so to speak. If are stance is one of light-hearted fun, we’ll produce that dimension on those around us. If we’re being a “Debbie-downer" that is likely to impact, at least on some level, those in our mist.

I really think the key to much of life is to be aware. Aware of the shadows you project. It can be a non-verbal cue, an expression or even a text message to a family member. It’s so easy to be unaware of how comments are delivered, even if the intent is different from the received-meaning by the recipient. 

We can’t control how every expression or comment is received but we can try to contain the delivery of a comment or maybe even a facial expression.

If we try to avoid casting shadows, maybe we’ll be more successful in expressing an inner peace or comfort or even beauty. By acting accordingly we will likely add some light to the world we all influence, whether we’re trying to influence or not.