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nature and architecture

nature and architecture

There’s nothing like enjoying being out in nature whether you’re going for a walk in the woods, a hike in the mountains, or a run on the beach. Nature can’t be beat. But, I must say I really do appreciate when architecture is incorporated into nature in a way that both nature and structure can actual be enhanced. Let me explain.

We are all habitants of planet earth and we have an obligation to do the best we can to care for the space we occupy. I do have much appreciation for efforts made by man to use their talents and abilities to modify space, in particular urban space with plant life. I find much enjoyment walking through my neighborhood or a town or even a city that bears evidence of planning. This is not to say that random beauty in a meadow isn’t wondrous. However trees, bushes and flowers have a way of enhancing the space, especially when purposefully planted, and when integrated with a lovely building it can be as enjoyable as a walk in pure, unadulterated nature. Both nature and architecture can enhance the view.

For instance, when I walk through a neighborhood that is lined with majestic Live Oak Trees, which were deliberately planted along the road, it has a way of accentuating the beauty of the trees. It allows you to appreciate both nature and design as you soak in and celebrate these magnificent trees. Trees randomly growing in a field or planted in a solo scape are amazing as well (see below), but there is something special about engineering space, as in this example above.


My youngest daughter is graduating (in 2 days) from the College of Charleston with a degree in Urban Planning. We need young visionaries to promote appropriate balance of design and natural resources. As we modify cities and build new spaces we need the right amount of structure and green space. Not everyone has a mountain to explore or a beach in a near distance. If efforts are made to utilize plant life, everyone has a chance to enjoy nature, even if it’s not the preverbal location. There is plenty of evidence that nature exists and can be appreciated in a city and every intention should be made to continue such an effort.


Nature and Architecture at its best: College of Charleston!

My other daughter lives in Brooklyn and there is not doubt New York City has also captured nature at its best!


Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk along the shore but we also did a bit of walking along the streets of Wrightsville Beach. There you will find streets dotted with both adorable cottages and super-sized homes. We definitely prefer the older, more modest beach or water front cottage. The monster houses, although lovely, are not for me. I don’t mind that they are there for someone’s enjoyment, but if I could choose, I’d go for the older, smaller, charming cottage.


Despite being awe-struck by the beauty of the ocean, it really is a very enjoyable experience to walk street-side and gaze at the houses and chat about which ones we like the most.


Wherever you are able to get out and go for a stroll, try to take in the wonder of creation. So much is popping and blooming this time of the year and everyday there is something new to look at. It really is a sight to see spring explode in both color and scent.

As I said in a recent Instagram post, when walking through the streets of Wilmington, the air is so vibrant with smells of Jasmine and Privet. It is rather overwhelming, in a good way. There is so much to take in during springtime. I don’t think I ever appreciated it as much as I do this year. Last spring we had record rain which continued all the way to September when Hurricane Florence came ashore. Fortunately this spring has been sunny, dry and such a delight!

Like I have said before: all areas of life need balance. I think it is extremely important to get it right.