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Most of us won’t go out to eat alone or even go see a movie by ourselves, but my daughter Sarah is embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, at least for her and most of us. 

Tonight she boards a plane to Geneva Switzerland and will start her Tour du Mont Blanc. It’s not quite the equivalent of the Appalachian Trail in the east or the Pacific Crest Trail in the west of United States but it’s a long hike. It is roughly 110 miles and spans 3 countries: Switzerland, Italy and France. She will start and end in Chamonix France. It is very exciting. I have no doubt she will be amazed by the beauty she is about to witness. However, Sarah is traveling solo. To some this may sound incredibly risky. She is heading to the airport by herself via train. She will wait in the airport by herself and she will fly by herself and then she will find her way to Chamonix by herself.

But is that really how it will start, I doubt it.  Sarah will chat with people, meet people and formulate new friendships. With each new page of this adventure she will sharpen her skills and her mind will be alert and open. Open to new sights, new sounds and new souroundings. It will be awesome. She will experience the amazing beauty of God’s creation. I want Sarah to be in awe with every sight she beholds and formulate a deeper understanding of her beautiful life. 

Of course I’m a little nervous, if I’m honest with myself. The anxiety isn’t even deep in my subconscious, it is in my presence but I know she will endure and shine (Sarah Sunshine) while she’s living out her dream and not allowing fear to prevent her from acting on her dream. Perhaps it is a lesson to all of us. It is wonderful to dream, but allowing our dream to become reality is even better. 

Be safe child of mine. 

We’ll be waiting for you in Milan, Italy eager to see you healthy and glowing from the high altitude and fresh mountain air and hear all the stories you are going to share. 

My Wish

My Wish