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My Wish

Today I am not going to write about the song, My Wish, although it is my chosen “theme” song for my daughter Sarah. I want to write about the things we wish for, as in the attached picture: comfort, smiles, rainbows, laughter, hugs, sunsets, friendships, beauty, faith, confidence, patience, courage and love.  All the wonderful things in life we wish for our family and friends. But, if you take another look, many of those amazing words counter a negative connotation: comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes etc...So, the question is, do we recognize the positive as a result of a negative or can we smile just because we see beauty or have confidence without doubt? 

I think we can and actually need both:

*Smiles because we’re happy not to only melt sadness

*Comfort out of caring not just on difficult days

*Rainbows during a sun-shower not just after clouds

*Hugs to express gratitude not just to lift a spirit

*Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder but we all recognize beauty

*Courage and Confidence both are something we need to grow and develop so it can help us know ourself

*Patients when we’re teaching something not just when learning to accept truth

*Sunsets well, it always warms the heart*Friendships do brighten your day*Faith does cause you to believe*Love does complete your life

So often we only experience the wonder of life after we experience the difficulty or sadness of life. We all need to learn how to experience wonder when wonder exists, which is likely everyday.   

Tidbit Tuesday: Eggs and Lemons

Tidbit Tuesday: Eggs and Lemons