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How do we avoid clutter?

We have so much stuff.  Do we really need it all? Probably not but likely we do, at least I do.

Some of us like our counter tops completely clear of any items like a toaster or mix-master. Others use items so much, that it is totally impractical to take out and put away. Some of us do not have sufficient cabinet space to store the essentials items even if we prefer to have a counter void of clutter. 

In my approaching 80 year old house, I have a small working kitchen.  It’s perfect for just me, which it is just me most of the time. I would love to have a beautiful white kitchen with a fireplace and a farm table, but for now, I don’t. I do have large banquet-worthy dining room, so there is space for a crowd, just not in the kitchen-proper.  My house certainly pre-dates the concept of open-kitchen and the idea of others helping you prepare a meal. Again, something I don’t think I ever really experienced. Nice concept, but is it really realistic?? 

A small practical solution I incorporated to reduce my clutter is I placed a tray on my counter as the keeper of all the daily essentials: coffee, honey, olive oil, Himalayan salt, a pepper mill, sugar sometimes, (mainly because i like the little pitcher it’s in, no one really uses sugar in their coffee but I still feel the need to keep it accessible) and of course an unfinished bottle of wine (not always present on tray). Sometimes I have a butter dish with Kerrigold butter. During the summer months I do keep it refrigerated, but I prefer to leave it out, like my mother. Having these items right there in my small but functional kitchen keeps the clutter in one spot, it looks kind of nice and it makes the most important items accessible for daily use.  

Maybe this would work for you? Keep the essential clutter present but contained for use. 



Just a Drop of Water in an Endless Sea

Just a Drop of Water in an Endless Sea