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keeper of the house

keeper of the house

I was walking down the stairs holding a caddy of cleaning supplies when my daughter said I looked like a house-keeper. I thought about it, and yes, in essence, I am, but I’d prefer the keeper of the house.

I started to think about this newfound phrase and settled into my thoughts about being a house-keeper vs a keeper of the house. Having a house-keeper is a luxury I never experienced, so I suppose it’s a good thing I enjoy cleaning my own home, and others too- like my son’s.

I especially enjoy cleaning because I have found some great products to help me with the task. I mostly use Norwex products. Norwex is a environmentally friendly company that has merged ability to perform with responsibility to our planet. Nothing beats their dry/damp mopping system and their micro clothes are by far the best. It’s a bit strange how these products bring me some degree of “joy” when I clean. However, it’s so much more than a clean house, I really enjoy creating a home.

For one thing, I am fortunate to live in a pretty house that has a way of enhancing my possessions. Our items are a unique expression that often has a story or a memory attached to it. I also find the change of season allows me to re-arrange some of my things. The cleaning process triggers new ways of displaying and appreciating things I love.

Being the keeper of the house comes with an obligation mainly to self. No one is telling me what and when to do something. I have total control of the upkeep of my home. That doesn’t mean my husband has no role or voice. He is a fixer and creator of almost anything. So when it comes to the internal stuff of the house, he has no qualms being a bit hands-off.

There definitely is the satisfaction that comes with creating a home-space. I see it in my kids as well. My daughter Sarah is enjoying the process of setting up her new apartment (along with some help;) and making the place she calls home feel like her home. When my youngest daughter Elisabeth, moved back home after college, she needed to make her bedroom feel like it belonged to her, and she has become the keeper of her room.

The keeper of the house has a different ring than a housekeeper. I’ve always liked to organize my bedroom as a kid and I continue to enjoy order in my home. It certainly helps to have time to do the various tasks and chores required, but even when I worked full-time, I didn’t resent having to clean my house. There were other things, like food shopping, I could do without. Of course, there are plenty of times when my house needs attention. However, for me, cleaning is more enjoyable because I like the outcome of a clean and well-placed home.

So, I embrace the sentiment of being Keeper of the House. I rather like that role.

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