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summers end

summers end

The calendar may say it’s autumn, but since I live in the South, it still feels like summer.


I came across this blackboard quote while touring the southwest part of Norway, called Rogaland. There you'll find farmland that extends to the sea. I was with some of my family when we pulled over for a cup of coffee and some delicious Norwegian treats, waffles for me! We were in our car getting ready to pull out, but I had to run back to the restaurant to take a picture of this saying. I knew I couldn’t trust my memory and the words were more than familiar, they match my approach to summer, and in some respect-life. This quote was written by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My new objective is to swim whenever possible. I’m trying to avoid feeling I’m too old to do certain things. Once one stops doing something (drive a stick shift car), it often is hard to start up again, especially when one gets a bit older. I realize I’m not as capable of doing some of the things I once was able to do. Since I enjoy swimming, and I love water, I want to swim whenever it’s feasible. Something is freeing about allowing yourself to be immersed.

dip or submerge in a liquid
involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest

It's rather easy to come up with excuses. For example, when it comes to swimming, the water is too cold or I’m not that hot. But, whenever I do take that leap, metaphorically and literally, I never regret it. Water makes me feel alive and invigorated. Being in water is a totally different experience than anything else. You are able to float and swim in a different medium! Where else can you float?

Fortunate for me, I’m still able to swim here in North Carolina for at least another month, and certainly all year long if you want to put on a wet-suit. I'm not quite there yet. I'll just drink in the wild air from the shoreline once the weather gets too cool.

Either way, find something that keeps you young. Set a goal, not a limit.


Yes, this is a very easy place to swim.

I hate to say goodbye to summer, so I’m not!

Go ahead…

Live in the sunshine

Swim in the sea

Drink the wild air

whenever possible

(and think of me)

Here are a few places I took the plunge in this summer.

keeper of the house

keeper of the house