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catch and release

catch and release

We’re bombarded by stress.

Stress is playing havoc on our lives.

Stress is real and often unavoidable. But maybe there is stress that doesn’t need to qualify as stress?

I know I can allow certain things to have a place-hold in my psyche that should not be there. Many stressors are circumstantial and unavoidable, but how we respond to certain stressors can make a difference in how our mind and body absorb the stress. Perhaps it’s our over-stimulated lives and added stressors such as relationships, finances, careers, families, health, and HURRICANES!

So, what can we do?

Maybe what we need is a “catch and release” strategy in dealing with certain stressors that unnecessarily rob us of our joy.

If we can identify or catch (like a fish) the stressor, then try not to allow it to linger, but release it- back to the sea. 

It may require some hard work to deliberately try to refocus our thoughts and intentions as we recognize what might be a disrupter of good mental health. This can be done through purpose-driven intentions.

Not all stressors need a foothold.

So the next time some inevitable stressor is weighing on you, maybe try a catch and release approach. It may allow for much-needed space in our mind, body, and spirit.

This is one of my favorite, and yes-there are so, so many, John Denver songs. When I’m alone in my house, I can belt it with all my might.