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There's something about a meadow of wildflowers that has a calming effect on one's soul. They sway in the breeze with careless ease. Their natural presence is unencumbered by human influence. Contrast that with home-gardens which require much toil. The necessary effort can hardly reproduce a similar outcome unless you're one of those gifted green-thumbed people.

Isn't it true that life can sometimes seem like a meadow of wildflowers or bed of purposefully placed plants?

Wildflowers are just that-wild. They grow wherever they want. They are not strategically placed. They exist in areas because the conditions allow them to sprout. There is no one there tending to their needs. They will thrive If they have the right amount of pollination, sun, and water. If conditions change, they have to adapt or they will wither and die.

Purposely planted gardens can be equally as beautiful as wildflowers. However, they are strategically placed based on available sunlight and pampered with proper watering. The flowers are mulched for moisture retention, spent blooms are dead-headed to promote additional flowers. They are deliberately nurtured


I think of children growing up in this vast and often crazy world. Some are like a field of wildflowers and the storms of life do not cause them to fade and wither. They can flourish despite the environmental circumstances, while others fall victim to harsh influence.

Similarly, some kids have been nurtured and pruned by their parents. Some will thrive and others, despite the best effort will fail to thrive.

Why is it that the two extremes can produce extremes? Good can come out of bad and bad can come out of good.

Life is so complex.

There appear to be no guarantees. Some of us work endlessly in our gardens, whether metaphorical speaking or in the realm of reality, and sometimes the outcome is not what we anticipated.

We may need to allow the wildflowers to grow where they need to grow. It might require some space and freedom to flourish on their own. Perhaps the garden needs a bit more attention and fertilizer needs to be applied. Either way, there isn't one way to grow a garden.

Whether wild or deliberate, both produce immense beauty. Some require more nurture and some require more nature. The key is to keep on living.

A timeless song from the past, take a listen.

catch and release

catch and release

endings and beginnings

endings and beginnings