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Do you ever feel like you need space?

Every day I hear so much about opening space, allowing space, or creating space. 

We’re searching for space to allow our mind and body to restore- whether it is through yoga, exercise, prayer or other relaxation techniques.

I think it all makes a lot of sense. Our physical and spiritual bodies need space. When we’re in a cramped place, we often feel claustrophobic. Not only is it hard to move, but it also becomes hard to think. We may even feel stuck or encroached upon. 

It’s important to find a means to create space. It’s something we’re craving more and more these days. But why is this, and what can we do to help us breathe more openly? 

Perhaps our busy lives are depleting our freedom. Freedom to expand and explore our potential. We’re crowding our lives with stuff that may be weighing us down and not lifting us up. We spend hours searching the internet for a new item to purchase, or binge watch TV which leaves us unfulfilled. We have so many options at our disposal to make life easier and better, but maybe at the same time, it’s robbing us of something- like creativity and outdoor activity. 

The world is packed with beauty and so many options for us to explore in our own backyard, so to speak. I think we need to venture out and see what treasures are available to us that will cause us to feel more alive and aware of our surroundings. It may require a bit of effort and practice, but in the long run, it will be worth it. 

We need to stop, appreciate and experience life. 

Here are suggestions “local to me” but I’m certain you can find similar ones where you live. 

Find a walking club.

Borrow or rent a bike and explore one of the many bike trails where you live.

Join a bird-watching club or hiking club.

If you’re new to an area, there is likely a “newcomers” club.

I think if we look outward we will see a vast space worth occupying, thus freeing us from an encumbered life.

Give this song a listen! It never disappoints-me. It actually lifts me up because it recognizes that it’s okay-okay to fly high or fly low.

I hope it helps you find space!

going deep

going deep

catch and release

catch and release