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Old Tennessee

Old Tennessee


End of October
The sleepy brown woods seem to
Nod down their heads to the Winter.
Yellows and grays
Paint the sad skies today
And I wonder when
You're coming home.

For those of you that read my blog, you have come to know that I love lyrics and music.

Lyrics are poems set to music.

Music, with or without words, speaks to ones soul.

As I drove through parts of Tennessee on a recent road trip, I found myself lost in my own thoughts during that portion of the drive. The day started with some direction-interruptions that made me annoyed with myself. However, the drive along the winding roads with the trees in their ever-changing colors of gold, orange and red cured my ailing spirit.


We drove along the Ocoee Scenic Byway. It’s 26 miles of stunning scenery- especially this time of the year. The road bends and turns with cascading rocks on one side and a trailing river on the other.

It’s just stunning.

With each gaze, my mood improved and I basked in the beauty and wonder of the season.


When your mind can turn off the negative, it allows your heart to open to wonder.

Sometimes it requires an escape to the mountains, which never fails to amaze!

Grateful for the journey.

greatest fan of your life

greatest fan of your life