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I was weeding in my garden due to ever-popping weeds despite the several inches of mulch applied earlier in the spring. I started thinking about weeds and how they relate to life.


Weeds always seem to flourish. No matter the weather, temperature, rain, there always seem to be weeds.  On the flip side, when growing flowers we consider where to plant, the amount of sunlight, proper soil and so forth, and even with all that consideration, sometimes our flowers don’t bloom and thrive.

I began to correlate things in my life that I struggle with versus the positive things in my life.  It amazes me how the “bad”  things like: negative thoughts, bad habits, and even things like laziness can grow rampant with very little effort, kind of like weeds. Contrary the good things like relationships, friendships, exercise, eating right, and even things that feed our soul require so much more effort, energy and nurturing, kind of like the flowers we plant. It seems like we often neglect to cultivate the meaningful things in our life while the weeds just grow and grow.

Weeds can easily get out of control. If we don’t keep up with the task of weeding it may feel like it’s too much to tackle. If we pluck a few weeds here and there, it really doesn’t have too much of an impact. If we weed more routinely then we usually can handle the growth, but not necessarily. As it is with life, if we don’t address the “negative” it can get out of control and we may begin to feel overwhelmed and at a point of no return. We should try to identify and weed through the bad while frequently nurturing the good.Sometime the reward doesn’t appear when we want it to, but when it does appear, the reward is definitely worth the effort it took to get us there.

One final thought: would it be better if all the good things in life would thrive without effort like weeds in our garden? I’m not sure, but life certainly does not work that way.  Things we value require effort, diligence and care. Don’t you appreciate when your flowers bloom because you put so much work into considering its needs and requirements for growth?  I know I’m more impressed with my flowers because I contributed to their well-being. 🌸🌼

Connections and Conversations

Connections and Conversations

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