Places We Stayed

The first place we stayed on our trip to Italy was Albergo Milano in Varenna, Lake Como. We arrived early afternoon via train from Milan Central Train Station via Malpensa Express via Malpensa airport Milan. 

I highly recommend staying in Varenna. It is the epitome of charm and beauty. As mentioned, you can get to Varenna via train or by boat. Traveling by boat sounds wonderful, and it is, but if you have luggage, you need to consider that aspect of your boarding and disembarking with your luggage. I think it’s a bit easier to navigate, unless you are traveling very light, by train. . 

  • Things I learned: know exactly how to get to your destination. If you don’t have internet access or an international phone, make sure you have walking directions. We followed the crowd and the delineated walkway and ended up at the bottom of the hill instead at the top where our hotel was. 


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