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Herb-Infused Tea

Herb-Infused Tea

Most of us enjoy tea. Some of us love tea. Some associate drinking tea with a cure for being sick. Tea has become a trend for healing. I’m all for that. Now that I am in my 50’s my body has a greater need for beneficial beverages. I can’t believe I’m thinking or saying these things, but on some level, I feel my age. (I can only imagine how my aging parents feel. At least I have more empathy for them.) So, I got on the tea bandwagon. 

My youngest daughter, Elisabeth, is a student at the College of Charleston. While visiting her in Charleston, we went to a sandwich shop called Persimmon Cafe. There they make this delicious, refreshing herb-infused tea. I decided to give it a try. 

If you’re like me, you grow herbs on your windowsill or in containers in your yard and don’t use them enough. Making herb-infused tea became a solution for making better use of my herbs and therefore getting the benefit of their properties.

There are many recipes and tutorials on line for herb-infused tea, but I kept it rather simple.

Cut/grab/pinch off a bunch of herbs.

You can combined herbs you like or keep it solo

Rinse, if you feel the need

Steep herbs in 1 cup of simmering water for 5 minutes or so to release all the flavor from the herbs

Add what you like:

* 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp honey Or 1 tsp of sugar

You now have your “base” of herbs, so now you need the tea

Make yourself a cup or batch of tea (I think you can handle this without explanation)

Add a portion of the herb-infused base to your tea and drink and enjoy. The more base you add, the more herb-flavor you will taste. Your brewed tea now becomes herbed-infused. Enjoy hot or add ice to make it cold. 

Does it cure what ails you?? I don’t know. But it certainly can’t hurt and you are using the fruits of your labor while hydrating your body and soul. 

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