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Missing Out

Missing Out

What is better, looking at a sunset in person or in a photo?

Obviously, it is far better to view a sunset as it is occurring and cascading down the horizon until it finally disappears. There’s nothing like a live event. Sure you can fill in the voids with your imagination if you see a still shot on TV or a mobile device. The pictures can look pretty nice, but both are just an image. It’s not the real thing. I’m finding we are spending way too much time looking at our phones and we’re missing out and becoming uninterested in a tangible experience.

During this time of year, many of the houses in my neighborhood and town are decorated with beautiful lights. People take the time to put up lights on their homes for the pure pleasure of improving the view. I love driving through neighborhoods to see how each home is decorated. What I’m noticing is so many are on their phones all the time and they are missing the sights around them. Sure we go up and down the road many times, but when we fail to take in that visual moment, I wonder if we are almost dismissing the need for it? I wonder if we are losing the wonder in all that’s around us when we have our eyes on our phones?

I know this has been topic in the news. But there are other aspects that have come to mind that I thought I would share with you today. Mainly, if we keep ignoring what’s around us, will it eventually be less important? Have we have become so complacent with our surroundings and attached to our phones that we truly know longer care what is right in front of us?

Let’s consider something else. Print.

Does anyone care about printed products anymore?

I get quite a few catalogs in the mail from different types of retail stores. I actually enjoy looking through the pages for gift ideas and considering a needed purchase. I prefer looking at printed images in a magazine over clicking and viewing a website. I often leave some catalogs and magazines around my home. I have a magazine rack in our TV room. I have placed local magazines on a coffee table or in bedroom that I know my kids or visitors will be staying in. But, does anyone take a few moments to read a magazine? We have great local publications that inform the reader of past history, current events and all kinds of happenings in our area. They share local culture and project the pulse of the community. They are filled with beautiful photographs and glimpses of artwork. But, does anyone pick up a magazine and actually read the content? Many are even reading their phones in the bathroom. Something is just not right. I really think we are missing out on great material by constantly referring to our phones for every bit of information in our lives.

Perhaps next time people come to visit, the TV goes off and the internet is shut down and we learn to read a coffee-table publication, have conversations and even look out the window while we’re driving around town. There is so much to experience and all we seem to be taking in is text messages and social media.

I really am afraid that we will care less about the world around us if we are so enthralled with our media devices. I feel we are becoming so uninspired by what is around us because our source of entertainment and enjoyment comes from a hand-held object. It is our phones that have captured our attention.

I’m wondering if you feel like we’re missing out on the wonder around us and the beauty of printed material?

Do you feel we are too absorbed in a screen and not seeing the world outside your window?

Below are a few local images that could be missed if you’re not paying attention.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Journey through an Image

Journey through an Image