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Overture: invitation, presentation, proposal, opening, offer

What a great word!

I usually think of this word in relation to classical music, but it has endless applications.

The word overture expresses how I feel when I look at flowers. I have been so aware of the flowers blooming this spring and more varieties are starting to pop as we approach summer. As I tend to my garden or walk the streets, I find myself pausing, smelling and photographing flowers like never before.

They have captured my attention.


I remember when my second child was born (or maybe it was my third) my mom referred to her as a rosebud. I always loved roses but now I can’t say what flower is my favorite. I guess I love them all. I find them to be so interesting and unique, like all of nature.

They fascinate me.


Flowers are an overture, an invitation that says look at me. Notice how intricately created and beautifully colored I am.

I am fragile and yet strong and I won’t be here for very long.


Sounds like a life-lesson.



the art of aprons

the art of aprons